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1/ You don’t know what you’re doing at the gym

You may be intimidated by the weight training area or what exercises to be doing towards the goals you have. At Fit180, we get to know you and understand your needs so that we can create a program that fits your fitness needs. Our studio environment permits only professional personal trainers and their scheduled clients on the floor. Free from the “commercial gym distractions”, you will be in an environment that motivates and keeps you focused on meeting your fitness goals. Our Fit180 personal trainers will guide you through every workout, making sure you get the most out of your work out and that every minute you spend with us is efficient.

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Whatever your fitness goals – to lose fat, tone or build muscle, improve overall health, increase flexibility, attain core strength, and/or eat healthier, Fit180 will formulate a customized, successful fitness program that will yield results.

Let us be your partner in helping you sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  • No membership fees
  • Creative resistance training
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  • Out-of-town workouts
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